Super Affiliate A.I. Review 2023: World’s First Automatic A.I. Super Affiliate Campaign Builder

Super Affiliate A.I. Review

Super Affiliate A.I: Overview

Vendors:Andrew Fox & Chris Fox
Product Name:Super Affiliate A.I.
Launch Date & TimeJune 20th, 2023, 10 am EST (Pre Launch Begins: Tuesday 13th June)
Price:$39 – $197 (Hurry Up as the price would increase rapidly – Not A Joke)
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BonusYes, Over $50K Bonuses From Me
TrialYes, 30 days trial at $4.95 along with Super Affiliate A.I. monthly.
Skills:All Levels (Including Beginners to Experts).
Support:Very Responsive
Niche:Affiliate Campaign Builder
My Rating:4.2 Out of 5
Recommend:Highly Recommend

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Overview Of Super Affiliate A.I.

Super Affiliate A.I. is an amazing software that would help affiliate marketers to completely automate and optimize their campaigns as per their choice. This software is created by experts like Andrew and Chris Fox. With the help of A.I. and the user-friendly interface used in this software, anyone (beginners and experts alike) could generate high-converting campaigns in a matter of seconds.

It would save your time and money by maximizing your conversions and boosting your affiliate revenue to a great extent. Automated and timely updates and provided from time to time. Even expert customer support is provided to ensure that you stay at least 10 steps ahead of your competitors in affiliate marketing.

About The Creators – Andrew and Chris Fox


 Andrew Fox and Chris Fox are brothers who are known for their success in the world of affiliate marketing. Andrew Fox is an entrepreneur, and marketer who has achieved great success in the field of affiliate marketing. Whereas Chris Fox is an amazing developer and marketer. When these 2 brothers joined their hands to launch Zapable (a mobile app-building platform) in the market, they achieved great success.

Zapable has generated over $3 million dollars in revenue on JV Zoo. Now they are launching their latest software – Super Affiliate AI. The Fox brother’s entrepreneurial prowess, fueled by their innovative thinking, relentless work ethic, and unwavering dedication, has led them to build a formidable business empire within the realm of online marketing.

How Does Super Affiliate A.I. Work?

The working of this software can be explained in just a few simple steps as mentioned below:

Step 1:
Buying.: Once you have bought the Super Affiliate A.I., you could start generating campaigns right away. You just need to select your products from the online market place and the artificial intelligence of the software would take care of the remaining.

Step 2:
Customizing Campaigns: With the help of this software, you could customize your campaign as per your preference. For example; you could customize ad tone, email content, and much more…

Step 3:
AI-Powered Campaigns: With the help of this software you can create high-converting affiliate campaigns. It generates Facebook/YouTube ads, landing pages, email sequences, and blog content, saving you time and effort.

Step 4:
Tracking and Reporting:
With the help of the Tracking and Reporting feature embedded in this platform, you could monitor the performance of your campaign at any time. This would help you in optimizing and improving the results.

Super Affiliate A.I. was created by Andrew & Chris Fox to mainly simplify the whole of the affiliate marketing process, save time, and increase conversion rates.


Do we need to Buy Super Affiliate A.I.?

Here are 10 reasons why I think you should buy it.:

1) Automation: Super Affiliate A.I. does all the work for you by automatically creating affiliate marketing campaigns. Instead of spending hours manually creating campaigns, This software does it all in just a few seconds. Moreover, it gives you the freedom & time to take care of other day-to-day activities.

2) AI-Powered Campaigns: It uses artificial intelligence to create campaigns that are more likely to generate more sales for you. It quickly analyzes data and makes decisions to help you succeed.

3) Customization: You can make the campaigns as per your choice and preferences.

4) Improved Conversion Rates: The campaigns created by Super Affiliate A.I. are designed to convince people to buy the products you promote. This means you would definitely have a better chance of making sales and earning money, while compared to your competitors.

5) Expert Support: If you have any questions or need help, the creators of Super Affiliate A.I., Andrew, and Chris Fox, are there to assist you. They have lots of experience in this sector (digital marketing) and can guide you in the right direction.

6) Comprehensive Training Resources: Super Affiliate A.I. provides learning materials and resources to help you understand how to use the software effectively. Whether you’re new to affiliate marketing or already have some knowledge, these resources will definitely help you in improving your skills.

7) Ongoing Updates: The software is continuously updated to keep up with the latest trends and strategies in affiliate marketing. This ensures that your campaigns remain competitive and effective.

8) User-Friendly Interface: The software is designed to be easy even for beginners. The interface is developed in such a way that it is easy to navigate and understand.

9) Competitive Pricing: The software is priced very reasonably, considering the features and benefits it offers. There are different packages available to suit various budgets.

10) Positive Testimonials: Many experts have used Super Affiliate A.I. even for a short span. And they had great things to say about it.

These points highlight the key reasons why Super Affiliate A.I. is a valuable tool for affiliate marketers. It simplifies the process, saves time, increases the likelihood of making sales, and provides support and resources to help you succeed.

Rated By Customers


Pros and Cons Of Super Affiliate A.I. 


Time-saving: This software automates the process of creating an attractive campaign in a matter of seconds. Hence, saving you valuable time and effort.

High-converting campaigns: The A.I.-powered software generates and optimizes campaigns, helping you achieve higher conversion rates and affiliate revenue.

User-friendly interface: This artificial intelligence software is designed with a user-friendly interface and “point, click & build” functionality, making it easier to use for both beginners and experienced marketers.

Customization options: The software allows you to set your campaigns according to your preferences, including the ability to customize ad tone, email content, and much more…

Expert support: Access to support from the creators of Super Affiliate A.I. (Andrew and Chris Fox) ensuring the best assistance and guidance.

Ongoing updates: The software is continually updated from time to time, ensuring that your campaigns always remain competitive and effective.

Exclusive bundle deals: Super Affiliate A.I. offers exclusive bundle deals, giving you added value for your investment. For example, the “Done For You Agency Edition” allows you to sell the content generated using your tool.

Comprehensive training resources: Super Affiliate AI provides you with comprehensive training resources, which would help you to maximize your understanding of the software and optimize your campaign performance.


Individual results may vary: The success of affiliate marketing campaigns generated by this software can vary depending upon various factors such as niche selection, targeting, overall marketing strategy etc…

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Who should be buying Super Affiliate A.I.

1) Affiliate Marketers

2) Digital Marketers

3) Online Entrepreneurs

4) Social Media Managers

5) Content Creators

6) E-commerce Store Owners

7) Marketing Agencies

8) Small Business Owners

9) Freelancers

10) Marketing Consultants

11) Online Educators

12) Digital Product Creators

Availability, Pricing, & Bonuses

Super Affiliate A.I. is launched at 10 am on June 6th, 2023, but the Pre-Launch Begins on May 29th, 2023. So I would recommend everyone to note the dates and time as there is a very good probability that the prices might increase post these dates & timing.

SA 1

There are mainly 5 types of Super Affiliate A.I.:

1) Super Affiliate A.I. Campaign Builder (Front End)$39 (one-time payment)+ Bonuses worth $50K from my end – No Monthly Payments

2) Super Affiliate A.I. – Done For You (DFY) Agency Edition$197 (one-time payment)+ Bonuses worth $50K from my end – No Monthly Payments

3) Super Affiliate A.I. – Done For You (DFY) Agency Edition Lite $197 (one-time payment)+ Bonuses worth $50K from my end – No Monthly Payments

4) Done For You Super Affiliate Campaign Videos – $67 + Bonuses worth $50K from my end – No Monthly Payments

5) Super Affiliate A.I. Monthly Campaign Of The Month – $49 Monthly (With 30 days Trial at $4.95) + Bonuses worth $50K from my end


My Opinion / Conclusion.

In conclusion, Super Affiliate A.I. is an excellent software tool that can simplify and automate the affiliate marketing process for marketers of all skill levels. Created by Andrew and Chris Fox, it uses artificial intelligence to create high-converting campaigns that can generate more sales and revenue. The software is user-friendly, offers customization options, and comes with comprehensive training resources and expert support.

Moreover, it provides ongoing updates to stay ahead of the latest trends and strategies in affiliate marketing. The pricing is competitive, and positive testimonials from experts speak to the quality of the software. Overall, if you’re looking to optimize your affiliate marketing campaigns and save time, then this software is definetly worth considering.

I would Highly Recommend Super Affiliate A.I.

General Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

Q. How does Super Affiliate A.I. help me maximize my affiliate revenue?

This software automates and optimizes affiliate campaigns, increasing conversions and boosting your affiliate revenue to a great extent.

Q. Can Super Affiliate A.I. be used by both beginners and experts in affiliate marketing?

Yes, this A.I. software is designed for all skill levels, providing a user-friendly interface and comprehensive training resources to support users at any level of expertise.

Q. What kind of support can I expect from the creators of Super Affiliate A.I.?

The creators, Andrew and Chris Fox offer expert support and guidance to ensure users stay ahead of their competitors in affiliate marketing.

Q. How does this software use artificial intelligence (A.I.) to create campaigns?

This software utilizes A.I. technology to generate high-converting campaigns, analyzing data, and making decisions to optimize performance.

Q. Are there any ongoing updates for this software?

Yes, Super Affiliate A.I. provides automated and timely updates to keep up with the latest trends and strategies in affiliate marketing.

Q. Is this A.I. software, reasonably priced for the features it offers?

Super Affiliate A.I. is competitively priced, offering different packages to suit various budgets, ensuring a valuable investment for affiliate marketers.

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