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VidStream Pro

VidStream Pro: Overview

Vendors:Firas Alameh
Product Name:VidStream Pro
Launch Date & TimeStarts On: 2023-July-23, 11:00 AM EDT
Ends On: 2023-July-28, 11:00 AM EDT
Price:$67 – $147
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BonusYes, Huge Discounts By Vendor During Launch Period + Over $35K Premium Bonuses From Me
SkillsAll Levels (Including Beginners to Experts)
Support:Very Responsive
Niche:HD/4K Video Hosting & Marketing Platform
Refund Policy:30 Days Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee
My Rating:4.6 Out of 5
Recommend:Highly Recommend

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Overview Of VidStream Pro

VidStream Pro is an advanced HD/4K Video Hosting and Marketing Platform that offers instant landing pages for video content. It allows users to upload and share videos across different platforms using Share & Embed Code. The platform offers various features for video promotion, including video editing, customization of video players, and adding subtitles. It enables users to transcode videos into multiple sizes to suit different social platforms, transcribe videos for dual purposes, and add subtitles for better engagement.

VidStream Pro caters to product creators, affiliate marketers, coaches, consultants, physical product sellers, advertisers, agencies, and anyone seeking a seamless video hosting solution. It also offers anti-piracy protection and corporate-grade video security features.

About The Creators – Firas Alameh

Firas Alameh

Firas Alameh is a renowned Premium Domain Investor and the CEO of TeamUp Media Inc. He is also a shareholder at Eva Trading Co., based in Beirut, Lebanon. With a passion for connecting with forward-thinking individuals, especially in technology, Firas has been leading TeamUp Media since April 2013, overseeing sales plans, creative ideas, and ensuring the company runs smoothly. As a shareholder at Eva Trading Co., he has contributed to distributing various Cosmetic Trademarks in the Lebanese market. Firas holds a degree in Business Marketing Advanced from Fanshawe College, adding to his impressive background.

Working Of VidStream Pro

The working Of VidStream Pro can be explained in just 3 simple steps as follows:

Step 1: Upload to VidStream Pro

You can upload one or multiple videos in one 1-Click at once on your dashboard. You can even quickly create & edit a new video right inside the VidStream Pro App.

Create: Record Video (via camera & screen) or Find perfect media assets in 1 click from millions of royalty-free stock (video, images, sounds).

Edit: Edit Videos in Timelines (cut, join, trim, split) and create a beautiful video using an inbuilt, easy-to-use Video Editor.

Step 2: Customize Your Videos

Customize the video player – skin, play bar, volume and speed controls, resolution, rewind playback, video mode, adding subtitles, and much more.

Step 3: Publish & Monetize

Publish your HD videos within seconds in 1-Click. And leverage the power of lightning-fast videos to increase your profits.

Do we need to buy VidStream Pro?

Here are some reasons why you should genuinely consider buying VidStream Pro:

1) All-in-One Solution: This platform provides a comprehensive set of features to handle video recording, transcribing, subtitling, resizing, hosting, page building, private channel showcasing, and course membership, all within a single platform. This eliminates the need to juggle between multiple apps, saving you time and streamlining your video publishing process.

2) Cost-Effective: By using this platform, you can save significant amounts of money compared to using various standalone apps for different video-related tasks. The article mentions that using multiple apps can cost you thousands of dollars per year, whereas VidStream Pro offers an affordable alternative.

3) Flawless Playback without Buffering: This platform promises lightning-fast, flawless playback of videos in HD, 4K, and 360 formats, without any buffering issues. This ensures a smooth viewing experience for your audience, increasing engagement and conversions.

4) Protection from Piracy: Unlike many free hosting platforms, VidStream Pro provides better security for your videos. It prevents easy copying, downloading, and sharing, safeguarding your valuable content from piracy.

5) Personalized Channels and Landing Pages: The platform offers exclusive features like personalized channels, branded playlists, and instant landing pages, which help you build a unique and consistent brand identity for your video content.

6) Global Delivery and Reliability: This platform boasts global delivery capabilities and proven speed, ensuring your videos reach audiences worldwide with minimal delay or interruption. This reliability is crucial for maintaining a positive user experience.

7) Responsive and SEO-Optimized Embeds: The platform provides responsive embed codes, allowing your videos to adapt to various screen sizes, improving user experience across different devices. Additionally, SEO-optimized embeds can enhance your video’s discoverability in search engines.

8) Extensive Analytics: VidStream Pro offers in-depth analytics, allowing you to track views, impressions, clicks, watch time, and engagement rate, providing valuable insights to optimize your video strategy.

9) Ease of Use: The platform simplifies the video publishing process, making it accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise. You can easily upload, customize, and publish your videos without complicated procedures.

10) Trusted and Proven Track Record: VidStream Pro’s sister products, Vidmingo, and Primehost have successfully maintained their services and gained users’ trust. This track record suggests that VidStream Pro is likely to be a reliable and long-lasting video hosting solution.

11) Money-Back Guarantee: This platform offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if the product does not meet your expectations, reassuring you about the service’s quality.

VidStream Pro is an appealing video hosting solution, combining a wide range of features, cost-effectiveness, and reliability to streamline your video publishing process and enhance your audience’s viewing experience.

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Who should be buying VidStream Pro?

1) Product Creators: For all their landing pages, sales pages, and VSLs to capture more leads & sell more.

2) Affiliate Marketers: To help them create & host product reviews & promo videos to sell affiliate products.

3) Coaches & Consultants: For creating training videos for their customers to grow their audiences.

4) Physical Product Sellers: To help them create amazing product demos to sell their products.

5) Advertisers: For creating video ads, promo videos, review videos, and sales videos.

6) Agencies: To help them create & host full-blown video marketing campaigns for their clients.

Plus Anyone Who Uses Video Hosting & Wastes Massive Amounts Of Time Working To Create Page Content Using Multiple Apps

Pros and Cons Of Vid Stream Pro


1) Time-Saving Efficiency: VidStream Pro streamlines the video publishing process by consolidating multiple tasks into a single platform, saving you countless hours of uploading, downloading, and managing videos across various apps.

2) No Bandwidth Restrictions: Unlike mainstream video hosting platforms that impose bandwidth limitations, this platform offers unrestricted bandwidth, allowing you to serve your videos to a larger audience without incurring additional charges.

3) Enhanced Video Quality: By avoiding free tube sites that compress videos and add branding or ads, VidStream Pro ensures your videos maintain their original quality, providing a superior user experience and optimizing return on ad spend.

4) Protection Against Piracy: This platform employs robust security measures to safeguard your videos from unauthorized downloads and sharing, protecting your valuable content and intellectual property.

5) Versatile Transcoding Options: With This platform’s video transcoding capabilities, you can resize videos to different resolutions, making them suitable for various social media platforms and mobile devices, thereby maximizing audience reach.

6) Unbranded and Ad-Free Player: Using VidStream Pro’s unbranded player on your website guarantees a professional and ad-free viewing experience for your audience, enhancing your brand’s credibility and maintaining a distraction-free environment.

7) Global Streaming & Delivery: This platform’s global delivery system ensures your videos are accessible to audiences worldwide, minimizing loading times and accommodating viewers from diverse geographical locations.

8) Direct Video Links: The platform offers the convenience of direct video links, allowing you to easily share your videos with or without password protection, facilitating seamless distribution to specific audiences.

9) Extensive Customization: This platform grants you total control over your video appearance, including player skins, button styles, and player controls, enabling you to create a personalized and branded video experience for your viewers.

10) Cost-Effective Video Storage: By using VidStream Pro to play videos hosted on cloud services, you can save on video storage costs and take advantage of extra storage space for hosting additional content.

11) Stable and Long-Term Presence: With a proven track record through its sister products and a dedicated team of 20+ staff offering 24/7 support, this platform is built to last and ensures consistent service quality for your video broadcasting needs.


From my experience with VidStream Pro, I could hardly find any glitches with this platform. But let me know informed that, VidStream Pro does not allow hosting of copyrighted, illegal, fraudulent, pornographic, or gambling-related content.

Availability, Features, & Pricing

Hi Folks, I’m super thrilled to inform you that VidStream Pro is being launched at 11 am EST on 2023-July-23.

I will be sharing the Front End Versions of VidStream Pro and all the required deals below:

1) VidStream Pro – Starter Plan – $67 – One Time Payment



Approx 200 videos

Approx 200 Landing Pages

Approx 20 Channels

Unlimited Bandwidth

Uncapped Media

Uncapped Recording

Uncapped Streaming

Uncapped Text To Voice

Pay as You Use AI Transcriptions

Pay as You Use AI Captions

Pay as You Use Transcoding



Approx 2000 videos

Approx 2000 Landing Pages

Approx 200 Channels

Unlimited Bandwidth

Uncapped Media

Uncapped Recording

Uncapped Streaming

Uncapped Text To Voice

10,000 Credits / Month AI Transcriptions

10,000 Credits / Month AI Captions

1000 VideosTranscoding

3) VidStream Pro – Premium Plan- $37 / Month



Approx 2000 videos

Approx 4000 Landing Pages

Approx 500 Channels

Unlimited Bandwidth

Uncapped Media

Uncapped Recording

Uncapped Streaming

Uncapped Text To Voice

UNCAPPED AI Transcriptions


UNCAPPED Transcoding

My Opinion / Conclusion

VidStream Pro presents a game-changing solution for video hosting, addressing the challenges of costly and complicated video publishing processes. By offering a comprehensive all-in-one platform, this platform eliminates the need for multiple apps, saving users significant time and money. Its impressive set of features, including advanced video transcoding, responsive embeds, and personalized channels, ensures an unparalleled viewing experience for both creators and audiences.

Moreover, VidStream Pro stands out from mainstream hosting platforms by providing unrestricted bandwidth, protecting against piracy, and offering a seamless, ad-free experience without compromising on video quality. With a commitment to continuous development and a proven track record, this platform emerges as a reliable, long-term hosting solution, earning the trust of its users and reinforcing its position as a top-tier video hosting service. Don’t miss the chance to capitalize on the early bird coupons, secure a spot, and revolutionize your video broadcasting efforts with VidStream Pro.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

Q. How Can Vidstream Pro Offer One-Time Deals?
We are specialists in hosting so we have the best infrastructure in place already, we also offer recurring products in the funnel to cover costs. One-time deals will be taken down as we reach our new user targets.

Q. Will I Experience Buffering or Outages?
We aim to deliver 100% buffer-free video 99.99% of the time even at 4K resolutions. We recommend HD video lower than 100 MB for the best performance/load speed for sales & landing pages.

Q. What If I Need Extra Storage Capacity Later?
You will be able to upgrade to the offer available at the time whilst Gradaddy deals are open. You can also direct link videos from the cloud without using any of your hosting allowance which means cheap storage will never be a problem.

Q. Does This Platform Offer Detailed Analytics To Track Video Performance?
Yes, this platform provides comprehensive analytics, including views, impressions, clicks, watch time, engagement rate, and more, enabling you to monitor your video’s performance effectively.

Q. Is There a Development Roadmap?
Yes for the next 3 years, we aim to add many extra features and new integrations. We listen to our users to deliver the best value video hosting on the market & make life easy for you with your video broadcasting efforts.

Q. Why Do I Need Video Hosting?
Video hosting allows you to use an unbranded player on your website to reduce your server load & increase your page performance. It also ensures your visitors are not bombarded with third-party ads or branding.

Q. Can I Be Sure VidstreamPro Will Not Disappear?
Please google Vidmingo (our sister product) & Primehost – you will see that the products we launched in the past are still there – albeit you will notice the granddaddy deals have now gone. We are here to stay.

Q. Why Should I Trust VidStream Pro?
We have 20+ Staff, 24/7 Support, and 60 Pop servers already serving over 100TB of video per month to over 5000 users on our sister platform Vidmingo. Our aim is to grow our business by quality of service & recommendations.

Q. Can I Import Videos From Other Cloud Services Into VidStream Pro?
Yes, this platform allows easy video imports from various cloud services like Dropbox, Wistia, Vimeo, YouTube, Google Drive, and more…

Q. Are There Any Restrictions On Videos I Can Upload?
We can’t host anything copyrighted, illegal, fraudulent, pornographic, or gambling related. Our merchant processors/distribution partners will not allow us to distribute such content. As a rough rule as long as it doesn’t cause us any issues it’s OK.

Q. Is there a money-back guarantee if I’m not satisfied with VidStream Pro’s performance?
Yes, VidStream Pro offers a 30-day Money Back Guarantee if the product doesn’t meet your expectations.

Q. How can I buy VidStream Pro?
You can purchase VidStream Pro by clicking on the “Buy Now” button, shown below.


Once you have bought this amazing platform. Send an email to along with a purchase receipt to claim premium bonuses over $35k from me.

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